WAC Poem

I’m not a poet myself (I love prose!) but I’ll try my hand at a little poetry! Come back to see how the construction is going!

Written communication for

Reading enthusiasts; an

Intriguing assortment of

Teaching tools; an

Intriguing assortment of

Ninja butt-kicking universities with

Ginormous expertise, yet

All would be nothing without


Research across disciplines!

Ongoing commitment!

Strength in numbers!

Stretching across the planet!

Thinking WAC

Helps the fundamental part of society:


Contribute your knowledge to the

Ultimate education program

Rethink learning!

Rethink teaching!

Involve others

Chastise professors for


Lead them to WAC; be


Members are always needed!

2 Responses to WAC Poem

  1. So far it’s really… ahem… minimalist. 🙂 You might go really avant garde on us and say: that’s it, deal with it. Ha.

  2. I think that was great! And you say you’re not a poet, well you certainly have a way with words 🙂

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